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Conditions of Use


Conditions of Use

For the use of Markenbusiness and Markenplatz as a services of i-relations GmbH, Lüneburg, (Germany) the following terms and conditions of use shall apply:

1. Legal Directory:

For the lawyers' directory on Markenbusiness as a service of i-relations GmbH, the attorneys and patent attorneys (hereafter "Attorney") are contractual partners of i-relations, who want to advertise in the lawyers' directory for which they must pay a fee.

The services of the lawyers' directory shall be rendered upon the basis of these General Business Terms and Conditions, including any price lists and terms and conditions of use as well as the data upon the Internet web pages.

The advertising in the lawyers' directory shall take place for a fixed placement time period in accordance with the offer description and the order confirmation.

The agreement may be properly terminated while adhering to a termination notice period of one month from the end of the advertisement placement time period. The termination must be made in writing. If no termination is made, then the agreement shall be extended by a period of time, which shall correspond to the agreed-upon advertisement placement time period.

i-relations shall provide no legal advice. i-relations offers merely a forum for information and advertising. i-relations provides no guarantees whatsoever regarding the qualifications or competence of the attorney. Additionally, no guarantees shall be provided regarding the quality of legal advice received in conjunction with an attorney search. Where applicable, such a contractual relationship shall be realized exclusively between the user of the lawyers' directory and the attorney himself, whereby the attorney is at liberty to decide whether to accept the mandate of a user.

No right exists for incorporation into the lawyers' directory. A rejection is possible without having to provide reasons for such rejection.

It is endeavored to have the lawyers' directory accessible 24 hours per day. Any necessary disruptions of accessibility for updating, maintenance, repair work, etc. shall be kept as short as possible. However, such disruptions shall not provide an entitlement to fee reductions or damage compensation claims such as due to any losses caused by the actions of third parties or force majeure.

Liability: The attorney himself is exclusively responsible for the data he submits and its legal permissibility, particularly from the perspective of employment law and competition law. i-relations itself is to immediately make any necessary corrections. A content-related and legal examination shall not be made by i-relations. The attorney shall indemnify i-relations from all claims that result from violations of the above-mentioned provisions.

German law shall apply.

2. Job Market and Market for Trademarks, Domains and Companies

Using Markenbusiness and Markenplatz (the "Markenplatz") as a provider of trademarks, companies and/or domains is only possible when you are a trademark owner or have the right of disposal over a company's estate, or if you - as owner of a domain - may freely dispose over that domain/ domains as admin-C. As provider of trade names, companies and/or domains at Markenplatz or as job advertiser you are obliged not to violate third parties' name, trade mark or labeling rights.

Markenplatz shall not be responsible for the correctness, completeness, topicality and safety of the trade marks, company names and domain entries and the advertisements in the job market. The natural or legal person who is the author of the entry is solely responsible with regard to such content. Markenplatz does not verify the current right of disposal of the provider with regard to the offered trade marks, companies and domains, neither shall be any verification as if there is any violation of a name, trade mark or company right.

Markenplatz offers merely an opportunity for users with regard to supply and demand of trade marks, companies, domains, job offers and job applications. All operations - such as purchase, sell, rental of domains and trade marks, change of provider, domain hand over, payments, legal problems which may arise in the context of delivery and change of ownership of trade marks, companies and domains - or problems that might occur with applications or labor relationships etc. are beyond Markenplatz's liability and sphere of action.

Providers of trademarks, company names and domains, as well as account owners who are responsible for a job advertisement, are obliged to indemnify Markenplatz against claims from any third party due to any unlawful action of the salesperson / owner/ account owner or fault with regard to content.

Markenplatz reserves the right to remove trade marks, companies and domains or job advertisement from the Markenplatz pages and database at any time and without having to provide reasons.

The following content will result in deletion of job market advertisements::

  • Information about ethnic origin political opinions and affiliations, religious beliefs and sexual orientation;
  • Harassing and insulting information;
  • Information which have nothing to do with the job requirements as stated in a job advertisement on Markenplatz.

Our data protection directives are part of this general terms and conditions (see our  Disclaimer).

Utilization of services for which a fee must be paid, including but not limited to the booking of trade mark spots, the placement of premium-advertisements or the promotion of an offer in the Markenticker, required a written agreement.

German law shall apply.

 Trademark  Classes
Our European and UK trademarks ROOM encompasses the following Nice classifications 20, 21, 24, 35 with all products and services 20, 21, 24, 35
veios 07, 12, 28
your experience needs our experience 45
Leihwerk 07, 08, 09, 11, 37, 40, 42

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Leihwerk GmbH GmbH
Value Partner Service GmbH

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